If you’ve had your driver’s license for more than six months, you likely have your share of road rage stories. Maybe you’ve been tailgated by another driver on the highway, or it’s possible you’ve been the one to flip the bird after another driver stole your parking space.

Avoid road rage situations at all cost.

It doesn’t matter what side you’re on during a road rage incident, aggressive driving can lead to severe consequences for everyone involved. According to a study by the American Automobile Association, aggressive driving played a role in 56 percent of deadly crashes from 2003 to 2007; excessive speeding was the number one factor in those collisions.

At the end of the day, we want you to make it home to your loved ones without a hospital or jail visit. Here are some tips on how you can protect yourself from road rage.

If Another Driver Is Aggressive

  • Avoid the driver

Safely change lanes to keep a safe distance from aggressive drivers. You can also exit the highway or make an earlier turn.

  • Do not retaliate

Avoid exchanging words or gestures, and do not make eye contact. 

  • Do not stop

Stopping could put you and your passengers in a dangerous situation.

  • Get a Camera

You can get a dash camera installed to record while you are driving. This will help support your claims of road rage against another driver.

  • Call for help

If you feel unsafe or threatened, call for help or drive to the nearest police station.

If You Have Road Rage

  • Breathe and Relax

Remain calm. Remember that everyone is trying to make it to their destination safely.

  • Remember the Rules

Before you get frustrated at another driver, remember the rules of the road. Check to make sure you aren’t tailgating or speeding.

  • Do Not Use Car for Road Rage

Laying on your horn or flashing your lights are signs of road rage and should not be used to intimidate other drivers.

  • Avoid Threatening Gestures

Do not use gestures that others could interpret as threatening. Instead, use gestures sparingly, like waving to thank another driver who let you merge.

  • Avoid Confrontation

Do not stop to confront another driver. That could lead to a severe situation for everyone.

If you do find yourself involved in a road rage incident, call the Law Office of Thomas D. Bumgardner, PLLC, at 704-887-4981. We will advise you on how to move forward.