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You might be surprised to find out that there are several mobile apps designed to help with co-parenting. There are always going to be challenges parenting alongside your ex. So, finding anything that can ease that struggle is important.

Co-parenting requires patience, and the ability to compromise and be flexible, all things apps can help achieve. Depending on your family’s needs, you can manage schedules, maintain records, track expenses, and more from your smartphone. These co-parenting apps are designed to make everyone’s lives a little easier.

This app includes a shared calendar for everyone to see and share their activities. Also, there are detailed expense reports to keep track of anything purchased for the child. You can also share files like report cards, medical records, and other forms. Organization and simplicity are now mixed together with this app.

This wizard does it all from scheduling, messaging, expenses, and adding necessary information that everyone in the family needs to know. Use the color-coded custody calendar to keep track of each parenting schedule, including pickup and drop-off times. If your communication gets heated with your spouse, an app like Our Family Wizard uses a “tone-meter” that rates your messages and will save everyone a lot of stress when messages get heated.

Fayr is similar to the other two above as it has a shared calendar and messaging system. But with Fayr, you can use the “check-in” system that uses the phone’s GPS to create a time entry of where the parent is at a specific time. If you find that one parent has trouble with late pickups or drop-offs, this app might help give the other parent an idea of when they will arrive. Another nice feature this app has is the expense tracking. All expense reports can be exported as a time-stamped PDF for efficient record-keeping.

Cozi is a free app that can give you a breakdown of your day at a glance, and it also lets you share recipes, grocery lists, tasks, and notes. Keep everything that everyone needs to know all in one place. Cozi allows up to 12 users, and everyone can see what is shared. It’s an excellent app that children can also have a say in.

These apps can help with plenty of co-parenting problems. They can make life a little easier on both the parents, but more importantly, the children involved. Emotions can run high between exes. Remembering every detail and tracking every expense can feel like an enormous burden.  Find ways to keep everything civil and find what works best for you and your spouse. If you are in a high conflict divorce, investing in some of these apps can be the best money you ever spent!

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