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Our Ballantyne law firm is not a stereotypical law firm. We believe that personal attention is the key to a successful relationship and outcome. We are a family law office that specializes in providing aggressive representation on behalf of our clients.

We work diligently to promote your legal interests and to protect your constitutional and statutory rights.

Families and individuals come to us for personal injury protection, separation and divorce, child custody and support, wrongful death, car and truck accidents, nursing home abuse and traffic-related offenses.

Personal Injury
Law Services

Accidents happen. But sometimes accidents happen because of the negligence of other people or other companies. And you shouldn’t get stuck with financial hardships, loss of income, physical limitations or even wrongful death. We represent people who need a voice in a busy and confusing world.

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Law Services

Families are the cornerstone of our Ballantyne community. No person or family starts their relationship thinking about potential trouble down the road, but sometimes unfortunate events happen to the people in a family. We’re here to help with separation, divorce, child custody and child support.

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