Verdict Reached In 2014 Case

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In October of 2014, Steven Canipe Jr. was struck by a car while trying to cross South New Hope Road on his way to Cramerton Middle School.

After three years of litigation, the state was ordered to pay $1 million over Canipe’s death.  The court ruled that The Department of Transportation was the legal cause of Steven’s death because it knew South New Hope Road was a dangerous road for pedestrians and did nothing to fix the situation.

“The parents hope that their lawsuit, which was litigated for more than three years and forced them to relive the worst day of their lives repeatedly, forces the state Department of Transportation to take warnings seriously,” said their attorney Thomas Bumgardner.

Bumgardner and Roberts, the other attorney representing the family, made the case that the DOT knew of the unsafe conditions but failed to act to correct them. Therefore, it breached its legal duty of care by failing to keep the road in a reasonably safe condition. Witnesses that appeared showed that there was no safe place to cross the street.

Both attorneys worked together for their client to get the outcome that they felt was deserved. For the family, it was more than just a lawsuit.

“They hope it sends the message that no child should have to walk to school without a safe way of getting to that school,” said Bumgardner.

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