Four Strange, But True Arrests In The Charlotte Area

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On a daily basis there are dozens of arrests happening throughout the Charlotte area. But there are a few that stand out from the rest of the pack and make you wonder, “Is this real?”

“While committing any kind of crime is never smart, there are a few criminals that take it to a new level,” says Thomas Bumgardner, an attorney with the Law Office of Thomas D. Bumgardner. “From thieves stealing unusual things, like $100,000 worth of Ramen noodles, to half-naked people jumping airport fences, there are strange arrests happening all over the country including around the Queen City.”

Our law office found some notable arrests that have taken place in the Charlotte area over the past several years.

Overdue Rental Tape Arrest

If you never returned that rental tape from the video store, then you can get into trouble.

One Concord man learned that the hard way in 2016. James Meyers was pulled over for a broken tail-light while taking his daughter to school. The police officer ran his license and told him there was warrant out for his arrest because he never returned a Freddy Got Fingered video that he rented back in 2002!

He was charged with failure to return rental property, which is a misdemeanor.

Ax-Wielding Clown Attacks Woman

This one just sounds like it came out of a horror movie!

Police said a 31-year-old man went to a woman’s Hickory home early in the morning in August 2015 wearing a clown mask and a multi-colored wig. He was accused of swinging the ax at the woman but fortunately, he didn’t hurt her.

He was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The woman told police that Raybon was an acquaintance.

Fake Ghost Hunters Lead to Meth Bust

The only thing spooky about this story is the lies the suspect told to try and cover up the alleged crime.

In 2013, Caldwell County authorities said one of the suspects called 911 because he got lost in the woods. The caller said he was out with two friends investigating ghost stories.

Deputies managed to track the caller down and started questioning him. The officers discovered there was more to the story and the suspect confessed that he and his friends weren’t hunting ghosts, but instead they were making meth out in the woods.

All three men were arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and possessing methamphetamine precursor chemicals.

Naked Man Falls Through Church Ceiling

Talk about confessing your sins in church!

Back in 2012, officials at the Resurrection International Church in Hickory called police on a Saturday afternoon because they noticed a man acting strangely outside of the church. When police arrived, the man told them that he wanted to spend the night at the church but instead, he was removed from the property.

The man returned to the church on Saturday night and used a ladder to get into the ventilation duct in order to get into the church, according to police. But officers said he took all of his clothes off first so he could fit into the ventilation system.

Well, it turns out the duct wasn’t built to support the weight of a man so the suspect fell crashing through the ceiling and into a conference room.

When a church member was preparing for worship services on Sunday, she found the man naked in one of the bathrooms.

He was arrested and charged with trespassing, breaking and entering and indecent exposure.

While some arrests make you laugh out loud to yourself and shake your head, others can be downright scary… let us once again point to the suspect wearing a clown mask while holding an ax and attacking a woman.

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