What To Know If Child Support Isn’t Paid

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Child support is a monthly allowance that noncustodial parents pay to help cover living expenses for their children until they are 18 years old.

“The amount of child support is determined by the court system and is usually based on the noncustodial parent’s income,” says Thomas Bumgardner, attorney with the Law Office of Thomas D. Bumgardner, PLLC. “But unfortunately, there are circumstances where the noncustodial parents simply do not or cannot pay the monthly amount.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Support Non-Payment

What if I lose my job and can’t make payments?

You need to file a motion with the court immediately in order to set up a hearing and ask for your child support payments to be modified. The form to use is a “Motion and Notice of Hearing for Modification of Child Support Order.” The Mecklenburg County Court also has a self-serve center that contains forms and instructions for child support modification.

What if I have a health issue and can’t work?

Once again you will need to file a motion and ask for your child support payments to be modified. Keep all of your medical records to show the judge that you are not able to work.

What happens if I don’t pay child support?

If a parent doesn’t meet their payment obligations a number of actions can be taken. The non-payment can be reported to the credit agencies or the court could suspend the noncustodial parent’s license or put a lien on their property. Money could also be taken out of your income tax refund in order to make a payment. A judge could also order that a person be put in jail until their payment is made.

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