Bad Faith Insurance Claims – Fight Them!

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It is unfortunate that we, as good faith consumers, sometimes are unfairly treated in bad faith by insurance companies. “Bad faith insurance claims happen more often than we all would like to realize, especially here in the Greater Charlotte area,” says attorney Thomas Bumgardner of Ballantyne Legal. “We do represent everyday consumers who are caught up against insurance companies of all sizes and types when bad faith enters their relationship with their insurance company.”

What is Bad Faith Insurance?

When you enter into a consumer relationship through an insurance policy with a North Carolina insurance company, the contract is required to act in good faith. That means that as you pay your premiums on time, the insurance company is required to act in good faith toward any claims you may have during the term of your insurance policy and contract.

“As a whole, the insurance company in North Carolina is required to properly review your case and claim, arrive at a prompt and fair decision, and then provide you with the payment accordingly,” adds Bumgardner. “Really, the insurance company should act in good faith when dealing with your claim. That’s the law.”

The insurance company crosses the line and begins to act in bad faith in North Carolina when they treat you in any of the following manners:

  • They fail to promptly communicate with you
  • They do not properly investigate your case
  • They delay your settlement payment
  • They do not tell you exactly why your claim was denied
  • They intentionally “skew” and misinterpret the language of your insurance contract
  • There are other bad faith actions, too!

What Can You Do if You’re A Victim of Bad Faith Insurance?

First and foremost, the attorneys at Ballantyne Legal can represent you and help you present full documentation of your communications and records with the insurance company. “Of course we want to recover the fairest compensation and or reimbursement for your claim against the insurance company,” added Bumgardner. “If the insurance company continues to act in bad faith, we can move forward with legal action against them on your behalf.”

The best resolution is to accurately present the evidence of your case along with your records of communication with the insurance company. “Nobody wants to go to court,” said Bumgardner. “Not even the insurance companies.”

If you feel that you are not being treated fairly by your North Carolina insurance company, please contact us at Ballantyne Legal at (704) 870-4779 or contact us. We want to help you stand up for what’s fair.