Ballantyne Divorce: 5 Steps To Prepare For A Divorce

Making the decision to get a divorce can have effects that last a lifetime. That is why it is so important to prepare yourself in every possible way in order to protect yourself and your family.

“Divorces are emotional events,” said Thomas D. Bumgardner, Ballantyne divorce attorney. “but, you must make sure that you don’t make decisions based solely off of emotion. That is why proper guidance is the best asset you can have in these situations.”

Listed below are the top five things you should do to prepare yourself for a divorce.

1. Try to Save the Marriage

If you haven’t already, talk to a marriage counselor and try to work through the issues with your spouse. Saving your marriage may still be possible even if you think that all is lost. Counselors are trained to help you discover what went wrong and tell you how to work on the issues you are facing.

If the sessions do not work and you want to file for divorce, be sure to:

2. Hire a Good Divorce Attorney

It is recommended that you meet with a divorce attorney in person, talk through the situation and determine if they’re a good fit. You want someone who has experience and knows North Carolina family law inside and out.

Thomas D. Bumgardner has several years of experience with divorce cases in the Charlotte area. He also takes a collaborative approach to these matters. This means mediation and negotiation is preferred between the two parties. By avoiding the courts, your costs will remain low and a fair agreement can be made that benefits everyone.

3. Make Photocopies of Documents

Make copies of every financial document that you have access to. Be sure to document the following:

  • Bank statements
  • Pay stubs
  • Tax returns
  • Wills
  • Social security statements
  • Automobile titles
  • Life insurance policies
  • Mortgage documents

Having these available for your lawyer will help them best determine how assets should be divided.

4. Make a Budget for After-Divorce Expenses

Determine all of the expenses you are going to incur after you’re divorced. Do you need to find a new place to live? Factor in security deposits and two months rent. How much will it cost for food, gas, utilities, debt payments, etc.? Your lawyer will help you fill any gaps you may be missing. Depending on your expenses post-divorce, your settlement may be influenced by this new budget.

5. Monitor and Improve Your Personal Credit

In marriages, the spouse with a better credit score often times handles most credit car applications and refinancing tasks because they’re more likely to get a better rate. Now that you cannot depend on another person’s credit, you should begin the process of improving your own. Begin paying unpaid debts and apply for your own credit card so you can start building your own history.

Ballantyne and Charlotte Residents: Get a Free Consultation

Each separation and divorce case is different. It is always recommended that you receive legal guidance from a lawyer before initiating any legal process.

This blog should not be considered legal advice. If you have any questions about legal separation and divorce laws in North Carolina, or to schedule a free consultation, please call (704) 870-4779 or e-mail  Ballantyne divorce lawyer, Thomas Bumgardner. The Law Office of Thomas D. Bumgardner is committed to fighting for your rights and helping you reach the best solution for you and your family.

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