NC Insurance Litigation: Discussing Bad Faith Cases

Imagine this – you pay your premiums to your insurance company, your payments are rarely late and you are completely honest when you file a claim, but it is wrongfully denied and you do not receive the compensation that you deserve. Too often, North Carolinians face a situation where insurance companies are acting in bad faith to the customers they serve.

“When an insurance company acts in bad faith, they have not followed the proper process of compensation,” said Ballantyne-based NC insurance litigation lawyer, Thomas D. Bumgardner, “In most bad faith cases, they have not properly reviewed the case, have not come to a fair decision or have not provided the owed payment.”

In this week’s blog, we discuss the basics of insurance companies acting in bad faith, and the possible motivation behind their actions.

Why Do Some Insurance Companies Act in Bad Faith?

The answer is quite simple, they are looking out for their best interest while neglecting their policy holders’ needs. You want to be paid the money you are owed in order to rectify your specific situation, whether it be paying medical bills or fixing property damage, and the insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible. The insurance company may minimizes payouts or simply deny a claim in order to help protect their profits.

Signs That an Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

In most cases, it is fairly simple to tell if an insurance company is not acting in a way that respects your legal rights. Possible signs of bad faith include:

  • Delaying a claim
  • Delaying payment of a claim
  • Failure to investigate a claim thoroughly
  • Refusing to answer questions or call back
  • Awarding a payment that is much lower than you would expect
  • Denying a claim that should not have been denied
  • Failure to explain a claim denial.

When in Doubt – Consult With Your NC Insurance Litigation Lawyer

If you feel that you or a loved one may be the victim of an insurance company acting in bad faith, it is important that you have the right guidance. While it is possible to try to fight the insurance company on your own, often times they have legal teams who are dedicated to handling these types of cases. NC insurance litigation lawyer, Thomas D. Bumgardner, will not back down under pressure from these huge corporations and will fight for your rights and for the compensation you deserve.

There is no cost to discuss your case. For a free consultation, please call (704) 870-4779.