Staying Off Social Media During A Divorce

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Yes, social media can be used for good. It’s how you check the news, stay in touch with friends and find out about community events. But amid a divorce, while you and your ex are still fighting over custody, you may want to think twice before hopping on social media. It can be damaging and dangerous.

Find out what bad social media habits you need to break during your divorce.

Announcing your divorce

Announcing on social media that you are seeking a divorce can not only interrupt your relationship with your spouse but also interfere with your ability to reach a settlement. You have to think of everyone involved, even your children when posting about getting a divorce. Respect all parties and keep it off social media.

Rants and outbursts

While your intentions may be innocent, sharing any information about your upcoming divorce, should be completely off-limits. Post sharing your spouse’s unfaithfulness, financial issues, child custody disputes, can be used as evidence against you in the divorce. Tensions between you and your spouse are probably already pretty high, talking badly about them could only further complicate the matter and reduce your chances of settling. If you need to get something off your chest, talk to a trusted friend or family member about what you’re going through and stay away from social media.

Sharing too much information

Be careful what you share on social media, yea; it might be nice to show off that you are on a date or enjoying a vacation, but anything you post can be used as evidence at trial. If you are claiming you don’t have the resources to pay alimony but are regularly posting on Instagram or Facebook about expensive watches or vacations, the judge is not likely to believe you. Any evidence that you have more money than your claim could go badly for you in court.

Here are some tips:

  • Never post anything negative about your ex
  • Do not post any complaints about your children—even in jest
  • Avoid posting pictures of alcohol, fancy dinners or new purchases
  • Refrain from posting any updates about your divorce or court proceedings
  • Do not suddenly block or unfriend your ex or family members
  • Avoid posting anything about a new relationship or romantic interest

In the end, everything you post online can be used against you. Any information on any of your social media account can impact your agreement with your spouse. Be sure to handle everything you do online with great care.

If you are about to begin the divorce process and you aren’t sure what you need to do to prepare or protect yourself, contact us.

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