Nobody wants to be pulled over by the North Carolina highway patrol. It can make us feel so many different ways, but none of them positive! You can get mad or frustrated because you got caught or you can be mad and frustrated because you feel like you were unjustly accused or targeted.

But you have two choices when you are issued a North Carolina traffic ticket: pay it or fight it. Not much wiggle room, right?

Fighting Your North Carolina Traffic Ticket

Traffic ticket and traffic citation lawyer Thomas Bumgardner in Charlotte.“The law is fairly straight forward with respect to paying your traffic ticket,” says Thomas Bumgardner, attorney. “You can pay your fine before your court date or you can pay your fine at your court date.” There are no cost differences in North Carolina traffic fines from county to county. The difference may be in the severity of the violation whether or not you may incur additional court expenses.

But what do you do if you want to contest or fight your traffic ticket? “In some cases, we are able to have 1st and 2nd traffic violations expunged from your driving record,” says Bumgardner. “Whether you are facing license suspension, revocation or commercial driving violations, we can help you achieve the best workable outcome.”

Your traffic ticket will include information on how to fight or contest the citation. To plead not guilty and dispute your traffic ticket, you will need to schedule a court hearing. “We know your rights regarding the North Carolina traffic law and we can help you defend your case,” added Bumgardner. “We will not allow your case to get lost in the system and let a bad situation snowball into a worse situation.”

“I Want to Fight This Traffic Ticket!”

If you opt against paying your North Carolina traffic ticket, you can appear in court and fight the charge. “However, we like to say that pleading not guilty does come with some outside risks,” adds Bumgardner. “For example, if a plea bargain is not reached before your trial date, you could lose all chances at a plea bargain when the actual trial date is set.”

At Bumgardner Law offices, we have the knowledge of how North Carolina’s traffic laws work, plus we have the experience in working with all types of traffic citations and violations. “Our obvious goal is to have the charges lowered or dismissed against you, depending upon the severity of the violation and previous driving history,” added Bumgardner.North Carolina DMV traffic tickets and traffic fines are fought by Charlotte lawyer Thomas Bumgardner.

You can request a copy of your North Carolina driving record here.
The cost is $14.

Types of Traffic Violations We Fight

  • Criminal Speeding Tickets
  • Civil Speeding Tickets
  • Red Light Tickets
  • Photo Radar Tickets
  • Driver’s License Suspensions
  • Driver’s Licenses Revocations
  • CDL & Trucker Violations
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Out-of-State Drivers
  • Traffic Warrants

If you feel that the traffic citation was improperly given to you, or that you are innocent of the charges, we can help you fight the traffic ticket and defend your rights.

Call us today at 704-887-4981 and schedule a free consultation.  Be sure to bring all of your paperwork and correspondence with you to your meeting.  There is strength in numbers.