Charlotte Traffic ticket lawyer Thomas BumgardnerYou push down a little too much on your gas pedal. You didn’t come to a complete stop at the intersection. You were running late for work so you preform a NASCAR-like pass on the shoulder. There are plenty of ways to get a traffic ticket in Charlotte, and it is never a pleasant experience.

When you have the flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror, there are a few things you should do to show the police officer respect and to help the process go smoothly. In this week’s blog, our traffic ticket lawyer Thomas Bumgardner shares common advice on what you should do when you get pulled over by the police.

Note: This article focuses on traffic stops for minor traffic violations – not DUIs or DWIs. The information presented below is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. If you seek legal advice, contact Thomas Bumgardner to schedule a free consultation

What To Do When You Get Pulled Over

1) Pull over to a safe area. 

2) Stay in the car. 

3) Turn off your engine, roll down your window and turn on your dome lights. 

4) Place your hands on top of your steering wheel. 

5) Stay calm. 

6) Be courteous and polite. 

7) If you plan on fighting the ticket, keep answers short and don’t admit any wrongdoing. 

8) Wait for the officer to ask for your documents. 

9) Move slowly and do not give the officer any reason to be alarmed. 

10) Don’t argue. 

11) Sign the citation. It’s not an admission of guilt. 

12) Be safe when merging back into traffic. 

13) Call Thomas Bumgardner at 704.887.4981. 

The Law Office of Thomas Bumgarnder proudly serves clients with traffic matters in courts throughout the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area. We can even provide representation to out-of-state clients. If you feel like you’ve been pulled over unfairly, we can help you fight your traffic ticket. We have a high success rate handling a number of different traffic violations, both civil and DUIs/DWIs.

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