Let’s get down to brass tacks about DWI offenses. They are not safe and there are plenty of ways in which you can avoid the DWI arrest in our beloved city of Charlotte, NC.

“We don’t believe that anybody sets out to cause a circumstance in which they are stopped by law enforcement and charged with a DWI offense,” said Charlotte attorney Thomas D. Bumgardner. “Instead we believe that all Charlotte residents have good and safe intentions of acting responsibly as they set out for an afternoon or evening of fun and socializing with family and friends.”

Charlotte DUI and DWI law firm Ballantyne Legal.

As recent as 2014, there were 427 fatalities in North Carolina attributed to drinking while intoxicated. “This number represents 33% of the total number of roadway fatalities of 1,284, which is never acceptable,” added Bumgardner. “Yes, using common sense if you’ve been drinking is the top factor in an individual deciding not to drink and drive, but sometimes that apparent level of common sense is shrouded by the affects of alcohol.”

How to Avoid the DWI Arrest in Charlotte

  1. Clearly, do not ever drink alcohol and then drive. This may seem like the most common sense approach to not causing an accident or being charged with a DWI offense, but you’d be surprised. “Just resign yourself to automatically not drink and drive. It’s the safest and most responsible decision, so just do it!” said Bumgardner.
  2. Arrange for sober transportation. Again, this is clearly a good practice and thought. Make sure that somebody in your party is sober and alcohol-free for the evening. Do yourself a favor and plan ahead.
  3. Use Uber or a taxi service. “Using Uber or a taxi is one of the smartest decisions that people can make when wanting to enjoy alcoholic drinks during an afternoon or evening around Charlotte,” adds Bumgardner. “It’s so easy to use the Uber app to quickly get a safe ride home and completely bypass the DWI opportunity.”
  4. Take the bus, Gus! Charlotte has awesome public transportation that includes the CATS buses and the LYNX Light Rail. “You know, you need to plan ahead and use common sense to avoid the DWI arrest,” said Bumgardner. “There are no safe shortcuts and no excuses for drinking alcohol and unsafely operating a motor vehicle. It opens a serious can of worms if you are convicted and it can cost you thousands of dollars after one bad decision.”
Charlotte DWI and DUI law firm Ballantyne Legal says to take the LYNX and avoid drinking and driving.

At the Law Offices of Thomas D. Bumgardner, our traffic violations and DUI/DWI defense attorney will fight to ensure that the best result possible is attained in your case. We do not attempt to simply plea bargain and take the first deal reached. We will fight for a dismissal if possible, and we only accept the best outcomes for our clients.

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