78779176In a previous blog, we outlined common defensive driving techniques. Defensive drivers are people who not only watch their own behavior, but are aware of other driver’s behaviors as well. They approach all intersections with caution to anticipate quickly changing lights, other drivers trying to beat a red light or pedestrians crossing the street when they shouldn’t. They practice safe driving techniques that help protect themselves and everyone else on the road.

“Theoretically, if everyone followed the techniques of defensive driving, very few accidents would occur,” said Thomas Bumgardner, Charlotte traffic ticket lawyer. “It is unfortunate, but there are reports of at least one fairly serious accident in the Charlotte area every day. I have seen the physical and mental effects of victims of vehicular accidents, and I want to help minimize the mistakes made on the road that lead to these awful scenarios.”

How Defensive Driving Saves Lives

According to the National Safety Council, motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of occupational fatalities and the leading cause of death for ages 2-39 and ages 50-72. According to data from the Charlotte Department of Transportation, approximately 68 people are killed in car accidents in Mecklenburg County each year. In order to lessen this jarring statistic, defensive driving advocates and instructors are making a push to teach proper defensive driving methods.

A defensive driving course takes approximately eight hours to complete. During that time you’ll learn several driving techniques to make you more aware, how to implement these newly learned strategies and how alcohol and drugs negatively affect your ability to drive. Basically, you will learn how to spot accident threats before you are ever in danger and know what to do to avoid them.

 A Defensive Driving Course Can Save You Money

In addition to creating a safer driving environment for those around them, someone who completes a defensive driving course may receive the following financial perks:

  • Car Repairs – Even if an accident isn’t your fault, at the very least you will have to pay your deductible. While not every accident is avoidable, many are. Knowing how to spot dangerous situations and remove yourself from danger can keep you safe and help you avoid costly repairs.
  • Insurance Rates – Some insurance companies will reward you for taking initiative and attending a defensive driving course. Since your risk of an accident may decrease, the insurance company sees you as less of a liability and may lower your insurance rate. If they don’t automatically decrease your rates for taking a course, many car insurance companies offer rewards every one-to-three years for avoiding accidents.
  • Traffic Tickets – Traffic tickets can range from speeding to forgetting to use your turn signal. These tickets can cost you more money than the fine that it carries. It can put points on your license and cause your insurance rate to increase. Avoiding a traffic ticket because of your defensive driving habits is ideal, but if you do end up receiving a ticket, you should:

Contact a Charlotte Traffic Ticket Lawyer

An experienced lawyer will know how to minimize the impact of a traffic ticket on your record. In some cases, you may even be able to avoid points being placed on your license if you take a defensive driving class. Thomas D. Bumgardner is a Charlotte traffic ticket lawyer that knows North Carolina traffic law and will try to minimize the ticket’s impact on your life or even get the charge removed completely. We would love to hear about your case. All consultations are free, simply call 704.887.4981.