Every year about 3,000 people are arrested for drunk driving in Mecklenburg County, and at least once a month, dozens of people are carried away in handcuffs at DUI checkpoints. The police are cracking down, and if you blow over .08, you’re going straight to jail. Without proper representation from an experienced DUI attorney, it could end up costing you around $10,000.

On an average Saturday night at a DUI checkpoint on Wilkinson Boulevard, the Charlotte Mecklenburg DWI Task Force nabbed 12 for DWI, eight more for drug possession and a handful of others on concealed weapons or revoked licenses. It’s all part of North Carolina Governor Pat McCroy’s “Booze It and Lose It” campaign.

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Out of all the ways to get a DUI/DWI, checkpoints may be the most disheartening. They are set up on the bottom of hills and around blind curves, strategically placed to surprise. Next thing you know, you’re looking into a large flashlight.

Think you can slip by undetected? Think again. The officers often know if you’ve been drinking within the first few seconds of the first test – the eye test. They take a pen or finger and put it to the side of your face, extending the eyes to their maximum peripheral location. As they move the light across your field of vision, they check for eye twitches and the ability to follow instructions.

Even if you do get lucky and pass, you still have to take additional field tests and a Breathalyzer test. If you refuse these tests, you go to jail and your license is revoked.

Statewide, the number of DWIs are on the decline, but they are always steady in Mecklenburg County. They were down, but they are expected to increase. Few laws have such broad reach as the .08 law. It is a notorious but often ignored.

If you’ve been arrested for drinking and driving, you need the help of a DUI attorney that is knowledgeable and resourceful – like the Law Office of Thomas Bumgardner. We do not attempt a plea bargain or take the first deal offered. We fight for a dismissal if possible, which can save you thousands in court costs and fines.

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