Free North Carolina legal assistance for Hurricane Matthew storm victims.

Several key associations have joined together to offer free legal assistance to North Carolina victims of Hurricane Matthew. “This is awesome news for lower income people who have lost their belongings because of damage sustained from Hurricane Matthew,” said attorney Thomas Bumgardner. “A toll-free number has been set up to assist North Carolina residents who… Read more »

North Carolina traffic ticket attorney Thomas Bumgardner in Charlotte.

Nobody wants to be pulled over by the North Carolina highway patrol. It can make us feel so many different ways, but none of them positive! You can get mad or frustrated because you got caught or you can be mad and frustrated because you feel like you were unjustly accused or targeted. But you have… Read more »

Marital Property Laws in North Carolina

Charlotte divorce lawyer with focus on marital property laws in North Carolina is Thomas Bumgardner.

The only time you would really need to know about marital property laws in North Carolina is if you and your spouse are heading toward divorce. “Marital property laws in North Carolina refer to nearly all possessions and interests acquired by the couple during the period of their marriage,” says Thomas Bumgardner, attorney with the Bumgardner… Read more »

Charlotte auto accident law firm is Thomas Bumgardner and Ballantyne Legal.

If you have ever been involved in an auto accident, you know first hand how scary and stressful the actual accident and aftermath can be. Who was at fault? Who was injured? How much will it cost to repair the auto? Will the accident affect my driver’s license? Who will help me if I have… Read more »

In the state of North Carolina, the amount of the child support is calculated by considering a variety of factors, such as total income, medical insurance costs, day care or school expenses and the child’s living arrangements. Once the court issue these orders, child support mediation can only be made if there is a major… Read more »

Everybody gets along with their neighbors until one of their trees or heavy limbs comes crashing down on your property! “Good neighbors can quickly become bitter neighbors when property damage and money enter the relationship,” said Thomas Bumgardner of Ballantyne Legal. “The North Carolina law is fairly straightforward when it comes to what you can… Read more »

Ridiculous Animal Lawsuits

Animal lawsuits are nuisance lawsuits.

Ridiculous animal lawsuits clog our legal system, waste valuable time and resources and cost taxpayers untold millions of dollars. Some lawsuits are so ridiculous that there is no sane way to comprehend that they ever made it through the court system! “Although we will not participate in ‘ridiculous’ animal lawsuits, we realize that these nuisance… Read more »

Charlotte bad faith insurance attorney law firm Ballantyne Legal.

It is unfortunate that we, as good faith consumers, sometimes are unfairly treated in bad faith by insurance companies. “Bad faith insurance claims happen more often than we all would like to realize, especially here in the Greater Charlotte area,” says attorney Thomas Bumgardner of Ballantyne Legal. “We do represent everyday consumers who are caught… Read more »

As the North Carolina law stands today, the punishments are not the same for somebody who hits a person while impaired operating a boat (BWI) versus hitting a person while impaired operating a vehicle (DWI). House Bill 958 is making its way through the North Carolina state legislature to make the punishments the same for… Read more »

What to Do After a Car Accident

One of the most emotional incidents that can happen to us is to be involved in a car accident anywhere around Greater Charlotte. “All accidents are stressful and unexpected,” says Thomas Bumgardner of Ballantyne Legal. “Even the most careful drivers are at risk of being involved in a car accident, even if it was not… Read more »