What to Know About Aggressive Driving

From your peripheral vision you see a car swerving and zooming around other vehicles on the highway. Something is clearly the matter, and the simple answer is that you may have noticed an aggressive driver. “This person is also probably yelling and cursing, making obscene gestures to other drivers and or following and tailgating other… Read more »

Switching State Lines – How are Driving Laws Affected? If you live on the border with another state, you probably often find yourself driving across the state border to go into work, eat at your favorite restaurant or attend a sporting event (along with many other activities). While for many they view themselves as living the… Read more »

Child Support Enforcement in NC

NC Charlotte child support and enforcement law firm Bumgardner Law Firm.

Child support cases in North Carolina are complicated and the welfare of the child or children are the top priorities for the state and the judge.

Charlotte medical malpractice law firm Thomas Bumgardner.

Medical malpractice laws and rules in North Carolina are here to protect patient’s rights and to aide in recovering damages should a legitimate and harmful medical event happen to their person. We know the rules and laws of medical malpractice in North Carolina.

3 Tips to Stop Distracted Driving

Tips to stop distracted texting and driving

Distracted driving can come from multiple facets including texting, eating, grooming and even having your furry friend sit in your lap. Last month the N.C. General Assembly discussed a bill that would prohibit drivers from having a live animal on their lap. Yes, you read that correctly, a live animal on their lap! It turns out… Read more »

Marital Misconduct in North Carolina

Marital misconduct divorce law from Charlotte attorney Thomas Bumgardner.

You may have heard the term ‘marital misconduct’ used in divorce and alimony legal circles. “Marital misconduct is quite simply conduct that undermines the marital relationship in North Carolina,” says Charlotte family law and divorce attorney Thomas Bumgardner. “Marital misconduct becomes a factor in divorce when offender-spouse’s behavior forces the victim-spouse to assume extra burdens in… Read more »

Charlotte top attorney, Thomas Bumgardner receives Rising Stars.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the Super Lawyer! Well, according to Thomas D. Bumgardner is now a top rated civil litigation attorney in Charlotte, NC! Super Charlotte Lawyer by Day In early 2017, Thomas Bumgardner was inducted into Rising Stars. “It is a great feeling knowing my hard work and dedication… Read more »

I Had a Car Accident & I Need an Attorney

Charlotte car accident attorney Thomas Bumgardner can offer you smart assistance.

What a bummer. You’ve been hit, or worse yet, you hit somebody else, and now you’re involved in a car accident. “Nothing will ruin your day like being involved in a car accident,” says Thomas Bumgardner, attorney with the Bumgardner law office. “It can seem like all common sense and logic flies out the window… Read more »

As Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc across the Carolinas, the enormous process of cleaning up began immediately after the storm. One of the property victims from the hurricane were automobiles. “Tens of thousands of automobiles were flooded and water-damaged across the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida,” said Thomas Bumgardner, attorney. “These cars may be making their way onto… Read more »