Over 1.3 million individuals in the country live in either a nursing home or an assisted living facility.  North Carolina has nearly eight hundred assisted living facilities and over four hundred nursing homes.  The main differences between the two types of housing communities concern the services each provides and their physical layout. Nursing homes typically… Read more »

Nursing Home Bedsore Litigation (Part 1)

Placing a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility is not an easy decision.  Given the choice, nearly everyone would keep their loved ones home and personally care for them.  Unfortunately, however, some individuals are too sick and immobile and require the intense, round-the-clock care only nursing homes or assisted living facilities… Read more »

Arthur Johns of Wake County recently filed a lawsuit against retiring State Senator Rick Gunn for purportedly breaking up his marriage.  Mr. Johns claimed Senator Gunn had an intentional extramarital affair with his wife, Karen Johns, Senator Gunn’s assistant, and alleged that it caused her to end their marriage. North Carolina is one of eight… Read more »

Though personal injury laws vary from state-to-state, mostly all involve an injured party seeking financial compensation or damages from the individual or entity who harmed them.  The goal of financial compensation is to make the injured party “whole.”  Personal injury laws are called “torts” and are valued in civil courts.  A small list of personal… Read more »

Act Limits COVID-19 Lawsuits

In May 2020, the General Assembly passed Senate Bill 704 and Governor Roy Cooper signed it into law.  Section 3D.7(a) of the bill, entitled the Emergency or Disaster Treatment Protection Act (“Act”) protects health care workers and health care facilities from lawsuits for deaths and injuries occurring during the Covid-19 crisis.  The protection period began… Read more »

The NC Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff and Thomas Bumgardner

The NC Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, Andrea Kirby, a case that originally went against Kirby. The Supreme Court had to consider whether the Court of Appeals erred by upholding the trial court’s distributive award in an equitable distribution action which contemplates the use of a spouse’s separate property. Initially, the trial… Read more »

Each business must follow the mask mandate that was put into place last Friday.

As of last Friday at 5pm, a new state order required people to wear face coverings in public areas. That got people asking what could happen to them if they didn’t wear a mask or can a business force you to wear one if you were inside their establishment. We have answers for you. At… Read more »

Boating season has started and with the 4th of July weekend quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to hit the lakes and enjoy the party. Sometimes, while you’re enjoying yourself on the lake, it’s easy to unintentionally overindulge. That’s why it’s important to make sure you always have an individual who is sober to drive… Read more »

Verdict Reached in 2014 Case

In October of 2014, Steven Canipe Jr. was struck by a car while trying to cross South New Hope Road on his way to Cramerton Middle School. After three years of litigation, the state was ordered to pay $1 million over Canipe’s death.  The court ruled that The Department of Transportation was the legal cause… Read more »

We will always try and do as much as possible for elderly loved ones. However, there are situations that you can’t avoid, and a nursing home is unavoidable. When that time comes, the last thing you want to worry about is the potential for an injury at the nursing home. Injuries can occur due to… Read more »