We see it every time there is a snow or ice storm in Charlotte – car accidents all along the highways and busy streets. The slippery conditions and lowered visibility make driving a hazard, but there are techniques that you can put in place to protect yourself. Tips to Avoid a Car Accident in the… Read more »

You have made the decision to file for divorce. It’s a big step and you have thought long and hard about it, but where do you start? Since every state (and some counties) have different laws regarding divorce procedure, it is important that you know what to expect when filing in Mecklenburg County. First Thing’s… Read more »

A personal injury claim can be settled without ever setting foot into a courtroom. In many cases, this is the preferred method of handling these types of claims. It is important to note that “going to trial” is different than taking the claim “to court.” A trial is taken before a judge and jury, whereas going… Read more »

Charlotte law enforcement are beginning to train their officers to use body cameras, a wearable camera that documents traffic stops and interactions between police officers and citizens. The goal of this new technology will be to eliminate discrepancies between police reports and testimonies by providing real, documented proof of the events. “This will be a… Read more »

Despite how it may seem after the decision is made in court, child custody judgments are not permanent. It is possible to have a child custody ruling modified. In previous blogs about child custody, we explored the factors that contribute to the court’s decision – in this week’s blog, we discuss how a change in… Read more »

Imagine this – you pay your premiums to your insurance company, your payments are rarely late and you are completely honest when you file a claim, but it is wrongfully denied and you do not receive the compensation that you deserve. Too often, North Carolinians face a situation where insurance companies are acting in bad… Read more »

An estimated 1.6 to two million seniors in assisted living facilities experience elder abuse each year. Nursing home abuse can lead to a decrease in the quality of life of the victim and, in severe cases, may even lead to death. “Seniors in need of assistance are among the most vulnerable groups in our society,”… Read more »

Did you know that being discharged early from the hospital can cause further injury to an existing condition, or can cause a completely new set of problems. In these situations, the doctor or nurse responsible for discharging you or your loved one may be legally responsible for anything that happens after you have been injured…. Read more »

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the basics of premises liability, in which we distinguished the differences between invitees, licensees and trespassers. In instances where an invitee or licensee is injured, the legal consequences are fairly straight forward, when a trespasser is involved, things become a bit more complicated. “Most people are aware that they must keep… Read more »

Whiplash is a common term used for neck hyperextension or neck strain injuries. Movies and television programs often make light of this injury by implying victims are faking whiplash to take advantage of the court system. This could not be further from the truth. “A sudden, violent motion of the neck can cause lifelong injuries… Read more »