Making the decision to get a divorce can have effects that last a lifetime. That is why it is so important to prepare yourself in every possible way in order to protect yourself and your family. “Divorces are emotional events,” said Thomas D. Bumgardner, Ballantyne divorce attorney. “but, you must make sure that you don’t… Read more »

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July from Bumgardner Law!

July 4th is a celebration of everything the United States of America stands for. It’s a time to gather with friends and family and reflect on the freedom our forefathers fought for that we enjoy today. With all the fun of fireworks, family and fresh food you may not think of the American justice system… Read more »

Distracted Drivers are Dangerous

Distracted Driving Kills - Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyer

Today mobile phones are ubiquitous in our daily lives – we check them to keep up with news, social media, and text message friends and family. However, using a mobile phone while driving is a dangerous distraction and is against the law in North Carolina. Texting While Driving is Illegal According to recent surveys, upwards… Read more »

Elder Abuse Lawyer Charlotte

Elder abuse is a problem for many senior citizens who are in hospice care or nursing homes. Unfortunately, elder abuse is often difficult to recognize because the perpetrators spend so much time with the victims, who are afraid to speak out. “Seniors in need of assistance are among the most vulnerable groups in our society,”… Read more »

How to Prevent a DWI in Charlotte

Ballantyne Charlotte DWI Dui Lawyer

DWI or “driving while impaired,” is not only dangerous; it’s against the law. Despite this, it is still an unfortunately rampant problem in the Charlotte area. Recently, a south Charlotte DWI checkpoint resulted in 51 charges filed. DWI checkpoints are on the rise in the city, including the Ballantyne area. DWI laws in North Carolina… Read more »

As we have discussed before in blogs about medical malpractice lawsuits, you must prove the following four things; The doctor officially treated the patient, the doctor was negligent, the doctor’s negligence caused the injury and the injury must have led to certain damages. In order to prove these things, you are going to need as… Read more »

Being pulled over by a police officer can be frightening, especially considering recent news stories regarding police misconduct. But, if you are involved in a traffic stop and you know the do’s and don’t’s of these situations, you can protect your rights and be on your way – possibly without even receiving a ticket. What… Read more »

Now that warm weather is coming to the Charlotte area, it’s time to get your swimming pools ready for action. While having a swimming pool on your property can offer countless hours of fun in the sun, it is also a safety hazard for invited guests and children in your neighborhood. These safety hazards can… Read more »

Child support is awarded and received from one parent to another so that their children are provided for. It is an important aspect of divorce settlements because it ensures that the child has everything they need in order to grow and develop in a healthy environment. When child support payments are not received it can… Read more »

Serious personal injury can occur when a bicyclist gets into an accident with a vehicle. Injuries sustained in bicycle accidents with automobiles are handled in a very similar manner to auto accident lawsuits. Depending on how events transpired, liability for the accident can lie with the cyclist or the driver, since both parties are obligated… Read more »