Charlotte car and auto accident personal injury attorney Thomas Bumgardner at Ballantyne Legal.

North Carolina is a “fault” state when determining who is responsible in the event of a motor vehicle accident. The person who is found at fault for an accident may be liable for damages to the non-responsible party’s property and/or health. “Accidents can happen to anyone. The person who is at fault does not have… Read more »

Charlotte Divorce: Divorce by Bed and Board

North Carolina takes a “no fault” policy in regard to divorce. This means that one spouse does not have to prove any fault in order for the court to grant a divorce. “The only stipulation that North Carolina courts require is a legal separation of at least a year,” said Thomas D. Bumgardner, Charlotte divorce… Read more »

Charlotte child custody laws follow the State of North Carolina’s rules and regulations. Child custody laws change in a state-by-state basis and it can be difficult for a resident to know exactly what to expect when trying to reach a child custody agreement. “For most parents going through a divorce, coming to the right agreement for… Read more »

Dogs are known as “man’s best friend,” and for the most part, that is a true statement. But, sometimes dogs are not trained to be sociable around humans. If a dog is in an unfamiliar situation or it feels threatened by people, it may decide to bite. If you have been bitten and injured by… Read more »

  In North Carolina, before a divorce can be granted, a couple must be separated for at least one year. In some cases, a judge divides the couple’s shared property. This isn’t always equal and a judge doesn’t inherently know what agreement will benefit the family the most. “Sometimes, it is better for one person… Read more »

According to a study cited by US News, from 1986 to 2010 diagnostic errors in medical treatment resulted in malpractice payments totaling $38.8 billion (adjusted for inflation.) North Carolina is no different to the rest of the country – WSOC cited a study that shows preventable medical mistakes kill and permanently injure thousands of patients… Read more »

  Traffic tickets for an illegal lane change or speeding a few miles an hour over the limit are fairly common. Usually these violations will result in a fine and possibly points being added to your license. A reckless driving charge differs greatly from regular traffic cases due to its criminal classification. “No ticket should… Read more »

The Charlotte Observer recently released an article with Charlotte’s top 10 most dangerous intersections. The observer states that many of these accidents are a result of tight urban areas. More intersections and less space for maneuvering allow little room for error. As you can see from the data, the most dangerous areas to drive are… Read more »

There’s no question that divorce can be an incredibly tough thing for anybody to go through. What makes it even more difficult is when it comes time to divide the assets acquired during the marriage. Deciding who gets what can be a tough and incredibly confusing task. “When people ask me about divorce, usually the… Read more »

  Everybody assumes that their insurance company is always looking out for their best interests above the interests of the company. While this is often the case, we unfortunately also see the opposite being true in some instances. That’s where we come in. As experts in Charlotte insurance litigation, Ballantyne Legal defends and represents our… Read more »