Charlotte DUI attorney Ballantyne Legal and Thomas Bumgardner

Let’s get down to brass tacks about DWI offenses. They are not safe and there are plenty of ways in which you can avoid the DWI arrest in our beloved city of Charlotte, NC. “We don’t believe that anybody sets out to cause a circumstance in which they are stopped by law enforcement and charged… Read more »

The North Carolina Department of Transportation has launched a new anti-speeding campaign, “obey the sign or pay the fine.” But, the phrasing of this campaign has caused much confusion as to how strict police officers will be when enforcing speed limit laws. “Technically, an officer can ticket you for being just one mile per hour… Read more »

In many marriages, both spouses form a loving bond with their household pets. If a divorce is decided upon and neither party are willing to part ways with their furry friend, the courts must decide what to do with them. “You may consider your pets to be a member of your family,” said Thomas D…. Read more »

The wrongful death of a loved one can cause emotional pain as well as financial loss for the surviving family. Similar to a personal injury claim or medical malpractice lawsuit, a wrongful death lawsuit is the result of the negligence of another person. “These cases are extremely important to me,” said Ballantyne-based attorney, Thomas D…. Read more »

Ballantyne Child Support: An Overview

Child support is a legal requirement that orders a parent to help pay for some of the child’s expenses. Child support is designed to ensure children of separated parents are well cared for and are protected against financial neglect. “Several factors can determine the amount of child support a parent is legally obligated to pay,” said… Read more »

At the end of January, Charlotte was hit by Winter Storm Jonas. While other cities to the north and west received inches of snow, Mecklenburg county roads and sidewalks were covered with ice. Ice doesn’t only cause car and truck accidents, It can also create difficult conditions for pedestrians. “Charlotte is a city with a large… Read more »

  This past Friday and Saturday saw the first major storm of the year for the Charlotte area. While counties to the north and west accumulated snow, Mecklenburg County roadways were hit with inches of ice. “The Charlotte Metropolitan area has well over two million residents, many of whom commute to work every day,” said… Read more »

Alimony laws in NC can differ from other states.

People often stay in relationships because they are financially dependent upon their spouse, but this shouldn’t keep you from being happy and moving on with your life. If you’ve decided that a separation or divorce is best for you and your family, you may be entitled to spousal support, which can help you through this… Read more »

Couple grieving over victim of wrongful death.

As a loved one or dependent of the victim of a wrongful death, you may be eligible for compensation. Wrongful death occurs when a person is killed due to the negligence of another. This could occur during a vehicular accident or even when a product is manufactured incorrectly. “In a wrongful death case, three things… Read more »

Did you know, just a few extra minutes in the birth canal can cause enough oxygen deprivation to cause brain injuries that would impact a child’s entire life? Even mild oxygen deprivation can lead to loss of cognitive function “In some of these cases, steps could have been taken by the doctors and other medical… Read more »