Fourteen-year-old Steven Canipe, Jr. lived on a state highway, about a half mile from his school, which meant he did not receive bus transportation.  He, therefore, often walked to and from school.  The route required him to cross a curved, three-way intersection that had no pedestrian safety facilities (sidewalks, crosswalks, markings, signals, flashers).  On October… Read more »


Everyone in North Carolina aged 12 and over can now receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services created an online vaccine locater to assist the public with scheduling appointments.  The vaccines are free and the vaccination sites will not ask for ID, proof of insurance, or any information about… Read more »

Negligence in Personal Injury Matters

Negligence in Personal Injury

Personal injury matters typically involve injuries from car accidents, slip and falls, and medical practice, but can include nursing home bedsores, nursing home abuse, unsafe premises injuries, and wrongful death claims. Personal injury law stems from tort law.  As a result, negligence plays a significant role in personal injury law claims.  Tort Laws and Personal… Read more »

North Carolina Tort Claims

North Carolina laws (and those in other states, too) allow people to seek restitution from those who harm them.  Such matters focus closely on the legal concept of negligence.  The law expects individuals and entities to behave responsibly and not subject others to danger.  If an individual or entity acts otherwise or negligently, they can… Read more »

north carolina supreme court

When the trial court made an unfavorable decision against Andrea Kirby Crowell, Thomas D. Bumgardner appealed the matter on her behalf to the Court of Appeals.  Still unsatisfied with the ruling, he appealed to the North Carolina Supreme Court, where he secured a decision that favored Ms. Crowell In Part 1 we reviewed the North… Read more »

Achieving a Supreme Court Victory To effectively represent clients, an attorney must totally understand the laws in which they specialize and expertly manage what takes place during a case and trial. To handle appeals, an attorney needs even more knowledge and skill. They need to successfully convince multiple judges that that other courts did not… Read more »

Premises Liability

You slipped and fell on a wet restaurant floor.  Your neighbor’s pet dog bit you. An amusement park ride injured you. The food at the local diner made you ill. Personal injury claims arising from these situations involve Premise Liability concepts.  Premise Liability principles hold property owners and tenants responsible when dangerous property conditions injure… Read more »

North Carolina Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death lawsuit

Naya Rivera’s former husband, Ryan Dorsey, recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of their five-year-old son.  The thirty-three year old actress and singer died earlier this year after she rented a pontoon boat on Lake Piru in California.  Dorsey’s legal action claims that Rivera drowned because the pontoon boat did not have the proper safety… Read more »